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What would it be

like to be blind?

Indeed, in many

ways all of us

are blind.

Follow the bread crumbs

between personal ABUSE

and the monumental ABUSES

of nation states and perhaps then of an Earth Empire.

What if we could

perceive the beauty of

a musical score in a

single instant? That

is the way we look at

the stars at night.

At the moment of our birth we are

thrown into the unimagined bright

light of our new wilderness.                                                   

Every person has an

Interior Castle. How

often do we visit?

Each of us must define how

our FREEDOM relates to

others. That paradox

creates a variety of choices.

Take PRIDE in the TRIBES of MEN; but can we all get along?

Wolf Point, Montana grows out of the prairie, created by its citizens, both native and of European decent. Together they give birth to individuals who not only endure, but can make us all proud.

While I breathe I hope. A cave is the metaphor our cranium which protects us from threats of an outside world.


This children’s book presents a cloud’s eye view. It demonstrates man both uses the Earth and also must care for it.

In our lives we gather memories and store them in the pockets of our mind like a beach shell placed in our jeans.

All paperbacks and

e-books are in color except 

the following paperbacks:


  Leviathan VS the Empire

  Space UInknown

  Fake and True Fables of the 

  Sane and Insane   

We hear fake and true stories by

the sane and insane all our lives.

Some of them are written down.

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About Glen Smith:

My books are time capsules that combine artwork, prose and poetry, or graphics to show in common patterns of experience in our lives. Every person has a chaotic sequence of experiences creating their life collage that in literature might be described as a narrative or life story. In many of our own lives these experiences remain fragmented. Then, we have trouble identifying our own narrative. My time collages are intended to represent that chaotic chain of experiences and offer other opportunities for the reader to process images and language elements of generalized patterns. I hope these relationships may be useful in the reader's personal lives. 

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